Short and long term

Since our doors opened nearly 40 years ago, our objective has always been to create solutions to alleviate inefficiency in our customers’ supply chain. For many, having their own bricks and mortar to handle Canadian distribution requirements didn’t make sense. That’s what led us into 3rd party warehousing.

Our typical model is to set up a warehousing solution that will accommodate 1-6 clients. Contract warehousing and more of a dedicated partnership rather than a public, multi-client model.

Adding value, not complexity

Our warehousing and distribution customers are typically trucking customers first. We have established facilities on their behalf throughout Ontario and Quebec and address both inbound and outbound transportation requirements as needed.

We offer WMS systems, inventory control, fulfillment services and integrate their scanning technology or ours…whichever best suits the desired outcome. Our model works equally well for domestic U.S. requirements but currently acting as the destination terminal for U.S. shippers is the more common scenario.

Our experience with Customs procedures, applicable duties, Homeland Security measures and crossing the USA/Canadian border is a great help to our clients and adds clarity to what can be an otherwise overwhelming situation.

For more details contact your C.A.T. location or office nearest you.