Shipping your temperature controlled truckload commodities

C.A.T. offers both temperature controlled TL or LTL options. Whether you’re looking to move perishable goods, frozen food, or anything requiring temperature protection, rely on refrigerated shipping experts to help organize your shipments. Our activities focus between Canadian, US and Mexico markets.

Your perishables garner our full attention and we ensure precise temperatures are maintained according to your exact specifications. Because these loads typically go to large food wholesalers and retailers, we also manage appointment times across North American destinations.

Special requirements are second nature to the C.A.T. Team

You can count on each C.A.T. Team member to be accessible, responsive, knowledgeable and caring. If your request can be accomplished, we will find a way and communicate that solution to you quickly.

Seasonal surges, especially with temperature controlled commodities, requires immediate action. Our fleet resources combined with owner operator and partner carriers is how we manage to say “yes” to your emergency requirements. Being a Canadian carrier gives us added experience and insight into managing “protect from freezing” cool and frozen truckload shipping. Contact your C.A.T. representative for further details.