Skilled company drivers and Owner Operators can find a good home at C.A.T.

The world of transportation continues to integrate. While family run trucking companies slowly disappear, C.A.T. is healthy, growing and leading the way with innovation, team spirit and the utmost respect for true driving professionals.

We need you and we treat you that way. We run between Ontario and Quebec and connect Ontario and Quebec with mostly U.S. states east of the Mississippi and Laredo, Texas…which serves Mexico as well. We have new equipment, skilled operations and caring management.

Our wages and benefits are second to none but we hope you are looking for a home, not a different coloured pay cheque. We run a quality operation and we only invite quality drivers and owner operators to join our team. We hope that’s you!

Our company continues to grow by adhering to some basic principles

If you are looking to make a change for the better or are entertaining a career in transportation for the first time…look no further. We provide an excellent team atmosphere that promotes quality, superior service and measurable results. That’s right, we measure just about every performance metric there is and we are happy to say the results are positive. Why? Because our team knows their stuff, they care and our customers can feel the difference dealing with C.A.T.

Want to know more? Call us, drop by or send in your application. The next step is yours!

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It’s about working together with a common goal

The C.A.T. Partnership Program is a unique business model we established in 2002. Establishing partners in strategic regions of Canada and the United States allows us to further improve our coverage and direct service network. We currently have 8 partners strategically located throughout our service area which is Ontario, Quebec, most states east of the Mississippi, Texas and Mexico.

The processes we put in place to grow to be one of the Top 25 For Hire Carriers in Canada, is what we bring to the partnership. What you bring is your human resources, facilities, equipment and desire to be part of something bigger. Ideal partners will have between 10-100 trucks.

Additional benefits include:

  • Back office services such as fleet, liability and cargo insurance
  • M.I.S. support, billing, collection
  • Satellite tracking and in cab communications
  • Drivers and employee payroll management
  • Revenue and equipment sharing

Trucking companies with dedicated services that are not part of C.A.T.’s regular routes can also benefit from the Partnership program. If this concept appeals to you please contact us in confidence at

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